Wedding Party

We have many friends that have shared our lives up to this point, and we have selected a few of our closest to stand by our sides as we take our vows.


Ken Paulsen:  We’re lucky to have Scott’s friend Ken to direct our ceremony.  Scott lived with Ken and Jill for 5 years when he first moved to the Bay Area.  Ken introduced him to Burningman, and Ken and Jill continue to be good friends even after Scott moved up to San Francisco.  Luckily, Ken is also a FSM minister!

Scott’s Groomsmen

  • Eric Dylewski:  Best man, brother of the groom, and someone who will always be there for Scott.
  • Jeff Stutz:  Partner in crime and fellow foodie.  Always up for a crazy adventure.
  • Heather Seifert:  Dancing, hiking, and camping buddy for both Scott and Shannon.
  • John Kanclier:  Shared every moment with Scott from the 4th grade through much of college.

Shannon’s Bridesmaids:

  • Jenny Dylewski: Shannon’s new sister and happy conspirator in foodie dinners and many many more to come.
  • Michelle Richter: Dancing and playa buddy of both Shannon and Scott and a very caring heart with a wild side.
  • Susan Riddle: Dancing and playa buddy of both Shannon and Scott.  She’s got good old pep and low-down rhythm!  You can call her Suzie-Q!